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My family (5 of us) are a Disney Family.  We LOVE all things Disney.  The kids were raised on Disney films. We went to Disney World in 2016, in November of 2018, are going back in August of 2019, and are already planning trips after that.  (Disney World is truly the most magical place on Earth!)

When the .INC domain names became available I was shocked to discover that the domain name was available.  Anyone could have bought that domain name and done anything with it. And I mean anyone and anything. It could have been bought and turned into a porn site, or a malware site, or into an identity theft scam site.  Somehow Disney hadn't purchased the domain name and that domain name was out there for anyone to buy.

Not knowing how to get hold of Disney to let them know the domain name was still available, we took matters in our own hands.  We, thankfully, had some room on a credit card (.inc domain names are not cheap) and we purchased the domain name before someone with nefarious intent did. 

Please share this page and help us get the domain name to Disney.

~ The Wondra Family

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